Ruth Steinberg

Floating, no up no down
no day no night
a pebble drift from a grain of sand
the fertility of a heartbeat.

travelling through evolution
a cell a tadpole a frog a grey seal a puppy a god a dancer a caver

a seafarer
on the crest of a wave
tossed into my arms

eyes grab mine
like magnets
then the shutters come down - enough already.

still as a prayer
calm as a harbour

You are

Poem on the first meeting of Shem, 2 days old, 11 July 2009

Ruth Steinberg

Who is Ruth Steinberg?

Some say she is a Jewish Geordie, born in 1952 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Others know her as a poet and short story writer who uses the power of the word to get people to look at what they think they can't. Some say she is clown, a storyteller, a musician. She says she is passionate about using creativity to touch, transform and show the absurdities we live in and with.

In her working life, whether it was as a public librarian, or working in AIDS and HIV, or in mental health, she drew strongly on the Arts and her creativity to challenge people to think afresh and see the world differently, always with a light touch.

This poem came out of the birth of her first grandchild and since she hasn't had children of her own was a surprise and a delight.

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You © 2012 Ruth Steinberg: used with permission.
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