Work of Art

Kathleen Kenny

I will carve you from blue cardboard
into a cupboard with drawers,
each one fronted with a love bird,
a hummingbird on a bamboo drum.

A butterfly with purple wings
will fold over your gold handles,
offer you a flower and a plum.
Concupiscence will be our word of the day.

Kathleen Kenny

Kathleen has recently moved to Tynemouth, where she expects the sea and the river to infiltrate her future work. For the moment she has two newly completed poetry collections due: Sandblasting the Cave (Flarestack Publishing), and Hole (Sand Press). She works as a part-time lecturer for the Centre for Lifelong Learning (University of Sunderland).

Work of Art was one of a number of poems inspired by a trip to Florence, with Joan Johnston, earlier this year. There were also three very productive weeks spent at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre writing lots of stuff about geese (both poetry and prose). Writing, Kathleen says, is a great place to pander to one's obessions.

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Work of Art © 2006 Kathleen Kenny: used with permission.
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