Vibration Mode

Sophie Baker

You will stand while your phone rings
silently and let it fizz in to the air
and I will wait with the tone in my ear
while the phone is held only
by the suspension of stitches in your pocket
close to your thigh. And you will look
in another direction and tuck your hair
behind your ear and when I ring again
the second number you once gave me
will fur the air at home
because I will have forgotten that it rings
quietly and to no-one in a drawer.

Sophie Baker

Sophie Baker has almost finished her MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University, which she has been doing part time for nearly two years. She is learning to ballroom dance and draw nude people from life, and relishes any other artistic opportunities that may crop up from time to time.

She works at Mslexia, the magazine for women who write, and also reviews live punk gigs and CD releases for the website

Her poetry is concerned mostly with the everyday extraordinary lives of people she either knows, or doesn't, or used to. Vibration Mode is part of a collection Sophie is gathering to hand in as her Final Portfolio.

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Vibration Mode © 2007 Sophie Baker: used with permission.
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