Jeanne Macdonald

we were like that field
the field that anchored our home.

A static caravan with its metal tub
needing 30 buckets of heated water.

Your body occupying mine all summer;
there were no closed doors.

Ad lib siestas,
whispered declarations.

Our morning peppermint breath,
eyes, windows without panes.

For three months a cloudless sky.
A provisional licence.

Heated bitumen drifting with each breeze
Ma Griffe in the evening.

Jeanne Macdonald

Jeanne Macdonald has lived and worked in the North East her entire life (except for the 3 months in a static caravan, in a field in Oswestry, Shropshire, described in her poem above). Recently she has decided to retire and concentrate on her own writing. She has two sons; four grandchildren; a thirty two year old tortoise; and a very tolerant husband. Her New Year resolution (as last year; failing miserably) is to complete her second collection.

She explains that Ma Griffe, which she mentions in the poem, is a perfume, whose name can be translated as 'My Brand'.

Diamond Twig published Jeanne's collection white lies are harmless in 2004.

Jeanne launched Blinking Eye Publishing in 2004, funded by The Arts Council England (North East) to promote the work of writers over 50. She acknowledges the considerable support shown by established poets, and authors, also the 2600 authors, and poets, who entered Blinking Eye's poetry and short story competitions over the past 4 years.

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