Suggestions, please.

Christy Ducker

In the hospital corridors, bad art hangs
awkward as husbands who try to buck up
their dying. Stiff, by the snack machine,
a life-size dancer looms en pointe, contorts

her unscarred body. Opposite, the sea
on paper stretches out and stops, just short
of a size 10 bootprint stamped on the wall.
Yesterday, there was even a chicken

in Radiography, photographed twice —
first as an auburn bird in a field, next
as an x-ray version, gone queasy blue,
picking its way over nuclear heath —

before and after. Today, results,
and this waiting room with its vacant walls,
its sighing vents — an installation piece,
complete with miniature letterbox

labelled in bold, Suggestions, please. I think
I'd like a Rembrandt, for those who wait,
so someone will at last return our gaze
the Dutch-brown way a dog who loves us might,

or maybe, if we've space enough in here,
a print by that woman who daubed herself
in gold, then sprang at the canvas, saving
the one moment she managed to fly.

Christy Ducker

Christy Ducker lives in Northumberland. She recently completed a PhD at Newcastle University, researching and writing poems about the Victorian lighthouse-keeper, Grace Darling. Christy works as a teacher of creative writing. Her poetry commissions include residencies for Port of Tyne and English Heritage.

She was a winner in the 2010 Book & Pamphlet Competition with Armour, which was also named PBS Pamphlet Choice for Autumn 2011. Her first full-length collection, Skipper, is published this month.

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