Silent Morning

Josephine Scott

This strip of sea is empty today,
no sails, no fishing boats, no tankers,
just a band of coral sky caught between slate.

Up here on the rise the wind billows
my coat, lifts my hair, bites my ears,
if I let go I could float away,

swallows swoop around
egging me on, their wings flashing
royal blue as they quiver past.

I think of you picking your way
along a turquoise shore,
rubbing sea glass between fingers.

Your letters contain drawings of shells
and seabirds, and the exotic foliage
that creeps down to the bay,

the envelopes, grains of sand.
I keep them in a drawer beside my bed,
they speak to me at night.

It's that time of year again,
leaves hang like wine stains
or scuttle across the grass.

You will miss all of that.
Come back to me
when the snow is on the ground.

Josephine Scott

Josephine Scott has lived in Cullercoats for the past thirty years, and feels fortunate to live so close to the sea. She has two full collections of poems, Rituals (Red Squirrel Press, October 2014) and Sparkle and Dance (Red Squirrel Press, 2009)
Poems have appeared in both the Double Bill (RSP 2014) and Limerick Nation (Iron Press 2014) Anthologies.

Josephine says: "I take my dog for a walk on Beaconsfield every morning, and look out over the sea, which is usually full of boats and ships, but one morning it was empty."

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Silent Morning © 2015 Josephine Scott: used with permission.
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