Moniza Alvi

Think of a bird
a ponderous elephant
a blade of grass.

a bird, an elephant, a blade of grass
not believing in itself!

Then think of your intricate humanness,
your holy simplicity

moment by moment by moment.

A moment is a tiny thing
reliant on you.
Don't kill it.

Moniza Alvi in her teens

Moniza Alvi was born in Pakistan and grew up in Hertfordshire. Her five books of poetry include The Country at My Shoulder (1993), and most recently How the Stone Found Its Voice (2005).

She lives in London with her husband and young daughter and tutors for the Poetry School.

Her poem Self-Belief is included in Diamond Twig's anthology The Ropes: Poems to hold on to, a collection of poems chosen to appeal to teenagers, and the picture (right) reflects this, showing Moniza as a teenager.

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Self-Belief © 2008 Moniza Alvi: used with permission.
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