To the Sat Nav

Sally Evans

Oh Sat Nav Goddess how you keep your cool,
O Sat Nav Queen of operations
who never flusters, always knows the way,
you know no doubt. The country is your oyster
you will cleanly cut and swallow,
your web of certainty to hold each fly
flailing directionless.

No need from you for overstatement.
Direction is your power.

Triumphant when I fail —
—Make a U-turn if possible —
I do not even know the way.
If I knew the way I wouldn't ask you,
calling on you as I have faith in you,
relying on you as a guide —
you even use the word.

I love the definite uncertainty
with which you pronounce   A-road numbers.

Magnificent on motorways
— Proceeed for twenty-five kilometers —
while you look away.
— Prepare to turn left. Turn left. —
How is it you can care for everyone?
I am your fallen sparrow.

You will deliver me to my destination
but I have touched the button to accept
that you are not responsible for safety.

I deal with the road
and I listen to you.
That's our relationship.

Sally Evans and her sat nav

Sally Evans moved to Scotland half a lifetime ago, where she runs and edits the Poetry Scotland broadsheet and Diehard Press, and the internet zine Keep Poems Alive, for previously published poems. She manages Kings Bookshop Callander with her husband Ian King, and they host the annual Callander Poetry Weekend.

She is the author of a number of books of poetry and is also active on the internet. For the first part of her life she was based in Co Durham, Newcastle and Cumbria, and she still visits these places, now bustling with poetry activity, whenever she can.

Hence the relevance of her Sat Nav poem, although she does know the north country fairly well.

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To the Sat Nav © 2017 Sally Evans: used with permission.
Copyright of this poem remains with the poet: please do not download or republish without permission.