Reflection on turning heads

Kathleen Kenny

I love you like a bag of nuts and raisins that last for ages
and are good for both bones and bowels,
slow to eat and nourishing and more-ish.
My lunchtime break from Rediffusion, Forth banks.
A brisk walk to Barry Nobles, up the narrow lane
behind Central Station flanked by car park and railway buildings.
Hunger leads to big decisions: one Granny Smith or
one Golden Delicious? Ravenous chewing, good but sparse,
not filling my teenage figure, its dreams of desire, of being seen

carrying half-a-stone less.

Now I see you were turning heads, sailing like a swan
up Grainger Street: a tan-coated swan in brown clunky boots.
They say swan-girls turn into women who become invisible if
they don't eat properly, or live to be old.
They say if women are blessed enough to have them,
they should make the most of their daughters,
teach their daughters they are delightful to behold.
They say time flies if you think about it and flies if you don't.
They say it will all go over in a flash, disappear in a wisp-thin-waist

of smoke.

Kathleen Kenny

This year Kathleen Kenny has seen the successful launch of her first novel, The Satellites of Jupiter, and the publication of another full length poetry collection, The Bedsharers, both from Red Squirrel Press

She says: "It's exactly twelve years since my poem Sensuous was first selected as Diamond Twig's Poem of the Month. Along with countless other women writers I've felt nurtured and encouraged by Diamond Twig for a long time. My own debt of gratitude stretches back way before the appearance of that particular poem in fact, and it's an honour to be the recipient of such wonderful and continuous support. So thank you Diamond Twig!

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Reflection on turning heads © 2016 Kathleen Kenny: used with permission.
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