The question of naming it

Lizzie Whyman

Why not this city
with its seven bridges
and its bricked-in buddleias
nodding from crevices, and its
raucous colonies of visiting
seabirds? Why not, on this
street that leads to the sea,
in this dusty bar of new friends
and free talk, respond to the man
who's sure of his homeland
with, Why not? I have no other.

Lizzie Whyman

Lizzie Whyman has been widely published in magazines in the UK and US. She received a Northern Promise from New Writing North in 2006, was shortlisted for an Eric Gregory Award from The Society of Authors and has had three short films made from one of her poems through New Writing North's Words and Vision Project. She works at Headliners, a charity offering multi media training for young people.

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The question of naming it © 2011 Lizzie Whyman: used with permission.
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