Degna Stone

Send a postcard to yourself
write: Julia's gone.

Put a second class stamp on the corner
the bad news will arrive more slowly.

Go to the park and quietly post it on the way
forget what you've written, what you know.

Sit on the cool grass
look up at the empty sky - breathe.

When it is time to go home
don't wait for the postman.

Degna Stone

Degna Stone was born in the East Midlands in 1974. She visited Newcastle for the summer in 1999 and somehow never managed to go home. Her poems have appeared in two ID on Tyne anthologies, Sepia Souls and Nine 'Til Five. She lives in Newcastle with her husband and two young daughters.

She says: "I met Julia Darling in 2001 when she was co-writer in residence at Live Theatre. I hadn't quite decided that I wanted to be a writer but she was so supportive that the idea that I could be a writer started to grow. Postcard was written not long after her death."

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Postcard © 2009 Degna Stone: used with permission.
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