Parallel Lives

Sheila Wakefield

I'm in the passenger seat
an elephant named Dorothy
on a B road in Weardale
marauding around the Serengeti
looking for food, water
between Frosterley and Stanhope
you tentatively take my hand
I envelop it with both of mine
you cup my face gently
the car hydroplanes
twitches into a spin
we fail to take the right hand bend
a young male
your hand at the nape of my neck
to mate with
the long wait begins
your lips brush mine
my left arm flinches involuntarily
to join the matriarchy
we kiss long and passionately
I notice my seatbelt has become undone
I fall from the resting car
you cover me with your body

Sheila Wakefield

Sheila Wakefield is a poet, editor and publisher. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Northumbria University and is Founding Editor of Red Squirrel Press. A recovering workaholic and an insomniac, Sheila lives in Northumberland, surrounded by red squirrels.

Her poetry has been featured in Moodswing, Poetry Scotland, The Big Anthology, Northern Lines, Curious Symmetry, Ofi Press and is forthcoming in anthologies Double Bill and Tour de Vers.

'Parallel Lives' is about dreaming during rare deep sleep, three sub-dreams juxtaposing. It is the first poem in her pamphlet, Limerance, which was published by Talking Pen in November 2012. In order to obtain a copy for £5 including postage, please email editor Steve Urwin at

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Parallel Lives © 2013 Sheila Wakefield: used with permission.
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