Moon in the Water

Lindsay Reid

There are two in a boat
On a lake at sunset.

Shadowy hills surround
The boat on the lake

And the bright globe of light
Hanging above the pair

Is also dancing in the lake
Beside the silhouetted boat.

Perhaps the pair are fishing
For the moon in the water

Looking to hook that shining sphere
Of white light on their fishing rods

To light their way home.
They will hang the captured bauble

Still dripping water,
In the front of their boat

And row back to shore,
Marvelling at their catch

Which does not flicker or die
As the moon fades in the sky,

But keeps shining on
Their surprised faces,

Revealing all their wonder,
All their fear.

Lindsay Reid

Lindsay Reid has lived in Newcastle for the last eight years and has a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University. She has won several poetry competitions and had her work published in various poetry journals including The Cadaverine, Magma and Mslexia. She is currently working towards her first collection.

Lindsay is a qualified social worker, and her research interests include the therapeutic benefits of poetry writing for those who have suffered trauma. She works part-time for a charity in Gateshead, and runs both creative writing and therapeutic writing workshops.

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Moon in the Water © 2017 by Lindsay Reid: used with permission.
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