Letting go

Dorothy Baird

Up the mountain path this afternoon
in the midst of pines and Douglas firs,
new shoes rubbing on my toes,
boys in long shorts shriek
from the bridge and rise
with a triumphant toss of wet hair,
to shake the last traces of disbelief
that they've done it,
from their angular souls.

How the trees bear witness:
how they watch our small courageous lives
and simply let them go,
living for the next breath of wind
to lift their needles
and stroke their pitted skin.

Dorothy Baird lives in Currie, Midlothian. She's had over 50 poems published in Orbis, Acumen, Pennine Ink, Smoke and The Wide Skirt to name a few magazines, and in the anthologies In the Gold of Flesh (Women's Press) and With My Heart in My Mouth (Rudolf Steiner Press).

She facilitates creative writing workshops in community education, and also runs writing workshops for children.

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Letting go © 2004 Dorothy Baird: used with permission.
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