Lizzie Whyman

A ball is a bedfellow that falls from the sky.
The sky has a short attention span.
The span of a life stretches fields. Fields.

A twig is a frog that leaps in the rain.
The rain is a calypso band for trees.
The trees are love-notes left by the wind.

The wind is the tongue of another country.
A tongue is an unremembered place.
A place is a word we sometimes see.

A word is a button, a bird, a cave.
A bird is one hand in a box of paints.
A hand is a transport system.

A transport system is a shy smile.
Shy is the sleepy way we love.
Sleeping is chasing rabbits.

Lizzie Whyman

Lizzie Whyman's publications include poems in The Reader, Mslexia, Brittle Star and Newcastle Stuff. She has poems forthcoming in an anthology by American publisher, Little Pear Press. Her book reviews have appeared in The Big Issue and Newbooksmag and she is a staff writer at Mslexia, the magazine for women who write.

The inspiration for Lessons came from her dog, China.

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