Judgement Day

Helen Broom

No knitting needles or scalding baths for me;
I'm standing in the queue at Boots' pharmacy
behind a bud of teenage girls huddled together -
rabbits on a busy road. They are too young

for this. I am old enough to know better.
The lady behind the counter chirps at me
in the same pleasant tone she uses when
commenting on the weather or the day's headlines

to people she knows only slightly -
a Young Professional leads me to the room,
on the table is a shot glass of water;
"Drink up," she seems to say,

"and swallow your shame along with it."

This is the first poem Helen has ever had published. It was written after the first two lines presented themselves out of nowhere.

Helen lives and works in Newcastle and enjoys the vibrant poetry scene the city has to offer. She is hoping to take up writing 'properly' again after her new job has kept her well and truly busy.

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Judgement Day © 2008 Helen Broom: used with permission.
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