Jelly Sandals

Marlynn Rosario

Seasonal, we soften
in sun, our chemical scent
echoes the bucket, the spade.

Opaque as thickened
oil, we bend,
toes touching heels.

Eyelets blinded
by buckles
we attach ourselves.

We are shields,
weights, springs
kicking air.

we throw our caps
to the sky.

In pairs we slipper
rocks, shrug water,
gather a grit

of sand, to pearl
in the creasing
ache of soles.

We will tiger
stripe you with tan,
make you sweat

across the beached
stretch of summer.
We march and print

out a trail, until
the pull and rip
of a roaring tide

sets us floating,
finless, sailless,

Marlynn Rosario

Marlynn Rosario writes:

"Poetry is a golden vein in the morass of my full time job, home and family life, that I constantly try and mine. The few slivers that I have achieved - publication in small presses and various anthologies, a Smiths Knoll pamphlet, the Diamond Twig collection (Glass Tales), an MA in creative writing and more recently a Northern Writers' Award leading to a mentorship with Sean O'Brien, I highly prize, as they are the result of hard work and commitment.

"This poem arose out of loss - of time and people - and was inspired by my local landscape; I live on the North East coast.

Currently I'm hoping to find a publisher for my full collection."
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Jelly Sandals © 2009 Marlynn Rosario: used with permission.
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