Iskar's Field

Pippa Little

It's been raining for years
in Iskar's field. One night
the rolltop tub lifts itself gently
and makes away.

On the horn of the hill the horses
dwindle thinner
and thinner, fathering
and mothering foals,

across the valley's burnish
rooftops chink like upturned boats,
a spire's fin sets a shivery shadow.
Then a low thrill, a thrum of

hammered steel, a hiss:
new moons pock across the water,
trail of ghost-hooves going nowhere,
boomerangs never sailing back.

Pippa Little

Pippa Little lives in SE Northumberland.

Iskar's Field came about because of a workshop with The Poetry Business in Sheffield and the animals seen en route there from the Newcastle train!

Since Overwintering came out in 2012 from Carcanet Press, Pippa has been editing, reviewing, taking workshops and working towards her next collection. Her work appears in many print and online publications and anthologies.

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Iskar's Field © 2014 Pippa Little: used with permission.
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