Between 2003 and 2018, Diamond Twig Editors selected a poem each month that they found wonderful, interesting, challenging, and fresh. Those poems are archived here for you to read and enjoy.


September: Still Life With Figs, Joanna Boulter  |  October: Bread, Ann O'Neill  |  November: For My Mother, Anne Ryland  |  December: Triads on Smallness, Ellen Phethean.


January: The Makings of Marmalade, Gillian Allnutt  |  February: The Party, Helen Burke  |  March: Letting go, Dorothy Baird  |  April: Heirloom, Kate Fox  |  May: Strip, Fiona Ritchie Walker  |  June: Lost Spoon, Pat Borthwick  |  August: Sensuous, Kathleen Kenny  |  November: My Mother's Leek Pudding, Linda France.


January: Dunstanburgh, Katrina Porteous  |  February: Rise, Pat Winslow  |  March: Health Check, Penny Feinstein  |  April: Tulip, Andrea Dow  |  May: Ancestry, Julia Darling  |  June: Last Portrait, Linda France  |  July: Tie-dyed T-shirt, Fiona Ritchie Walker  |  August: Given Away, Jeanne Macdonald  |  September: Mam and the Cowboys, Angela Readman  |  October: A map of where they are, Lisa Matthews  |  November: Bosom Friends, Margaret Eddershaw  |  December: The Plucking Shed, Gill McEvoy.


January: Trailer, Anna Woodford  |  February: Sharp Knives, Valerie Laws  |  April: Grandmother's Portrait 1890, Cynthia Fuller  |  May: Mother's Lustre, Pippa Little  |  June: Getting Rid of the Aphids, Christy Ducker  |  July: Lessons, Lizzie Whyman  |  August: Portuguese Wall-Hanging, 17c, Sylvia Forrest  |  September: Insomnia, Julia Darling  |  October: Blue Plaque, Joan Johnston  |  November: Work of Art, Kathleen Kenny  |  December: Darling, Jackie Kay.


January: Self-portrait (in the dark, with cigarette) (withdrawn), Colette Bryce  |  February: Welcome to the airlock, Lisa Matthews  |  March: Down the Dene, Ellen Phethean  |  April: Maternal Instinct, Crista Ermiya  |  May: Planting Tulips, Kathy Towers  |  June: Vibration Mode, Sophie Baker  |  July: White, Joan Hewitt  |  August: The Second Version, Louise Hislop  |  September: Inside the Kist, Fiona Ritchie Walker  |  October: Monster, Lesley Mountain  |  November: Grandmother Rowing, Celia McCulloch  |  December: Is there a reason? Judy Walker


January: Self-Belief, Moniza Alvi  |  February: Then, Jeanne Macdonald  |  March: A happy childhood, Julia Darling  |  April: Another poem for Eve to mark out of 10 on a post-it note, John Hegley  |  May: Black Bullets and Vinegar, Catherine Graham  |  June: Kessin, Sara Taylor  |  July: July, Elizabeth Tate  |  August: Building a Lion on Weymouth Beach, Joanna Rimmer  |  September: Selling Up, Sue Spencer  |  October: Welcome to the Hotel Caledonia, Jo Colley  |  November: Judgement Day, Helen Broom  |  December: Whitley Bay, Susannah Pickering


January: One morning, Isabel Garford  |  February: Poppy, Pauline Plummer  |  March: Birth Day, Mandy Maxwell  |  April: River, Garden, Lake, Carlotta Johnson  |  May: Mrs Greathead's Garden, Pippa Little  |  June: England, Catherine Graham  |  July: Postcard, Degna Stone  |  August: Idyll, U. A. Fanthorpe  |  September: Fury, Josephine Scott  |  October: Jelly Sandals, Marlynn Rosario  |  November: Landscapes, Diane Granger  |  December: Two Women, Cynthia Fuller.


January: Breath, Ellen Phethean  |  February: The Quartz in Your Valley, S. J. Litherland  |  March: The Silence Living in Houses, Linda Anderson  |  April: Gulls, Linda France  |  May: Cat Woman, Kathleen Kenny  |  June: Birdhouse, Anna Woodford  |  July: Bonds, Jo Reed  |  August: Turkish Bath, Julia Darling  |  September: A Morning Ritual, Degna Stone  |  October: A Necklace of Acorns, Pauline Plummer  |  November: Office at Night, Rowan Ferguson  |  December: Making Clogs at Gallowgate, Catherine Graham.


January: The Women's Group Visits the Museum, Joanna Boulter  |  February: Poppy emerging, Lesley Mountain  |  March: Five poems for International Women's Day  |  April: haiku, Oonah V. Joslin  |  May: The Lives of Strangers, Crista Ermiya  |  June: My Mother, Maggie Tate; |  July: Night Trains in Maine, Celia McCulloch; |  August: When lemonade smelt like water, Victoria Milburn; |  September: Anticipation, Jasmine Irving; |  October: Liver Sense, Sara Park; |  November: The question of naming it, Lizzie Whyman; |  December: The Burning Map, Joan Johnston


January: Making Sloe Gin, Lindsay Balderson  |  February: Caught Voice, Phoebe Walker  |  March: Nine Moons  |  April: Islander, Kathleen Bainbridge  |  May: Motherhood, Anne Clark  |  June: Vernal Song, Joan Hewitt  |  July: Night of the Penguin, Oonah V. Joslin  |  August: Berwick Train by Diane Granger  |  September: Benediction by Clare Wigzell  |  October: Senses by Alison Theaker  |  November: Ortolan by Lisa Matthews  |  December: Deer by Christy Ducker


January: You, Ruth Steinberg  |  February: Winter, Eileen Jones  |  March: Freight Train, Cara Brennan  |  April: What I think About When I'm Swimming, Hannah Lowe  |  May: Last Waltz, Catherine Graham  |  June: Go Gentle, Anne Ryland  |  July: The Combustible Woman, Angela Readman  |  August: Gathered at the river, Geraldine Green  |  September: Red Beauty Sleeping with Trees, Wendy Heath  |  October: Pavilion by Sarah Moor  |  November: Parallel Lives by Sheila Wakefield  |  December: White Lilac by Leni Dipple.


January: Fiction, Caitriona Hansen  |  February: Field Path by Sylvia Forrest  |  March: Kitchen Sink Painting by Jo Reed  |  April: Dangerous Pursuit of Yellow by Annie Wright  |  May: Portrait of the Quince as an Older Woman by Ellen Phethean  |  June: Hearing Aids by Gene Groves  |  July: April in the Ha Ha by Caroline Kemp   |  September: One Hundred and Twenty Miles East by Elizabeth Walker  |  October: On Cullercoats Beach by Pauline Plummer  |  November: Transient by Jessica Wortley  |  December: Iskar's Field by Pippa Little.


January: Where and When, Sue Rylance  |  February: Silent Morning by Josephine Scott  |  March: Resurrection, Wigton by Helen Farish  |  April: Suggestions, please by Christy Ducker  |  May: My grandfather is a country by Vicky Arthurs  |  June: Witness by Lisa Rodgers  |  July: Carpet of Roses by Jean Laurie  |  August: At the children's home by Sky Hawkins  |  September: Picking Apples by Pat Clark  |  October: Mr. Turner by Caroline Kemp  |  November: Yan Tan Tether by Jane Burn  |  December: Hymn to the Amazons in Ward 36 by Catherine Ayres.


January: Fes to Casablanca by Rosie Anderson  |  February: How to survive the spring without your grandchild by Mary Anne Perkins  |  March: After the flood by Crista Ermiya  |  April: Comrades by Jo Colley  |  May: Cuckmere Haven by Ellen Phethean  |  June: Widow by Joan Johnston  |  July: Skinny Dip by Kris Johnson  |  August: Reflection on turning heads by Kathleen Kenny  |  September: The Herrin Trail by Rita Bradd  |  October: Stony Heap by Bernadette McAloon  |  November: A Fixed Point by Diane Cadman  |  December: Snow hare by Eleanor Livingstone.


January: On Knitting by Marie Naughton  |  February: Moon in the Water by Lindsay Reid  |  March: Miss X, I adore you by Julie Hogg  |  April: The Sisters of Mercy by Ceinwen Haydon  |  May: Swimming before the May by Beth McDonough  |  June: Periwinkle by Joanne Clement  |  July: The Ship-Owner's House by Judi Sutherland  |  August: Purple Like Borage by Sheila Templeton  |  September: To the Sat Nav by Sally Evans  |  October: The embalming dark by Iris Priest  |  November: Young man descending by Caroline Kemp  |  December: Eiderdown by Pam Gormally.


January: Eve by Helen Broom  |  February: Inuit Anger Walk by Lydia Kennaway  |  March: Glad Rags  |  April: Standing Up by Louise Hislop  |  May: Hereafter Julia by Jackie Kay  |  June: Before by Cynthia Fuller  |  July: I'm afraid there's nothing we can do by Natalie Rees  |  August: Yee Hah! by Liz Atkin  |  September: Wonderland by Caroline Hawkridge  |  October: Preen by Lisa Matthews  |  November: Earth has not anything to show more fair by Celia McCulloch  |  December: Killing Time by Jessica Wortley.