Linda France

How a scarf shaken out
ripples, folds around itself
and whatever air it finds,
the gulls are flocking
over the Tyne.
How, as dusk falls, they know
it's time to fly together,
knit their flickering stitches,
white against darkening sky.
After a day of solitary soaring,
suddenly they are tribe.
How all things become more
than they are alone
alongside another.
How driving home
to an empty house
triggers my longing
for edge and threshold,
the possibility of flight,
a scarf of shared air.

Linda France

Linda France is based in Northumberland and works as a poet, editor, tutor and mentor. This poem is part of an exciting new collaboration with artist and illustrator Kim Lewis called Flying, which opens at the Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham, on 24th April, 2010. It also appears in Linda's new collection You are Her, due from Arc this month.

For more details see Linda's web site.

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Gulls © 2010 Linda FRance: used with permission.
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