Field Path

Sylvia Forrest

Askersund Sweden

         wide enough for a horse and cart
between pale gold wall of pencil thin reeds
and vast expanse of short green blades.

The path curves.
Dark with age, rough planked top and fixed bench seats.
I shall lunch here tomorrow

with a hunk of bread and a lump of cheese
and air as soft as this evening's.
A slight breeze will cool the noonday heat.

A vision interrupts my reverie: Maupassant's girls
show no hint of their weekday dishabille.
Delightful hats sit on upswept curls.

Each dress, striped or sprigged, spotted or plain
is high-necked and chaste.
I'm the ghost as I pass between those prostitutes.

A ditch splits the field.
Iris swords punctuate its length.
The pool at its foot is bright with marsh marigolds.

Angel and Tess walk on the path.
Once again he risks getting his feet wet:
this time in reaching to pluck a buttercup bowl...

The path follows a final curve.
A church tower is proud above trees.
Blinding sun wears a golden ring.

Short blades dissolve, the field slants.
Among dabs of scarlet in tall grass,
ladies with parasols on a field path.

Sylvia Forrest

Sylvia Forrest says: "I'm well into my dotage but still writing a bit - Limericks for Iron Press's Limerick Nation have recently kept me awake at night. My older Re-Creation poem about taxidermy is in The Iron Book of Humorous Verse."

Sylvia's Waltzing off from Hand-Me-Downs was published by Diamond Twig in 1997. She has a poem in Brendan Cleary's next edition of the Echo Room. Red Squirrel Press is planning to publish a pamphlet of some of her poems in May.

Other recent work includes re-writing a short, short story into a zany sketch that features the artists Lowry, Van Gogh and Gauguin getting a pass-out from heaven to Seaburn in Sunderland.

About Field Path - Askersund Sweden, she says: "Hub and I were a few days into retracing hub's lone cycle-camping to the Baltics and into Poland and had stopped off at Askersund and taken an evening walk...

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