Catherine Graham

I am your rolling chalk hills

I am your granite mountains

I am the coal
Dug by my father's father

I am the song
Handed down from my mother

I am your winding rivers

I am your rugged coast

My bones are carved
From victories:

Battles won

And brave lives lost

I am one
Of your many accents

By my neighbour's voice

For whatever our first language

We share one vision:

We all wish the same
For our children

I am a medley of cities

A bowl of serene lakes

I cup my hands
And drink to your promise

Let me be a piece
In your beautiful mosaic.

Catherine Graham

Catherine Graham is an award-winning poet. Her work has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies as well as on the web. She has read at many poetry events across the Northeast of England including the Durham Book Festival and Amnesty International Poetry Benefits. She is poet in residence at a Newcastle primary school.

She says:

I was invited to write a new poem for Newcastle City Council's St. George's Day Celebration 2009. The poem celebrates our shared hopes and values in today's diverse communities as well as being a personal tribute to my mother and late father.

Catherine's previous Poem of the Month was Black Bullets and Vinegar; for more recent news, see her poems Making Clogs at Gallowgate and Last Waltz.

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