Bosom Friends

Margaret Eddershaw

From Saigon's bright bustling
into the dark, cramped shop,
Aladdin's cave,
shelves of silk in strata
of sapphire, emerald, ruby.

She flows soft rivers
through her arms,
across the rush-matted floor,
over my shoulders,
hands dancing,
then framing me
with chosen fabric.

Sweat pearls form on her brow,
jet eyes twinkle beside
an ebony fall of hair.
A bonsai tree woman,
twiglike arms,
tiny trunk, swaying
in an imperceptible breeze,
slim legs,
two light, downward strokes
of a calligrapher's brush.
I dwarf her.

She clambers onto a stool
to measure my back,
calling figures to an assistant.
Cool hands turn me round,
pass the tape behind me,
across my bust.
She looks at the number,
hesitates, checks.
Our eyes meet.
Words rustling like leaves,
she says, "Nice big titties!"
cups them in miniature fingers.
"I'd rather be your size," I answer.
Women of the world, we laugh,
hug each other.

Margaret Eddershaw

Margaret Eddershaw worked in the UK for 25 years as an actor, director and university teacher of theatre. She has published on Brecht and four of her plays were performed at Edinburgh Festival and in London 'fringe' theatres. In 1995, she left Britain to live in Greece, since when over 80 of her single poems have been published and she has won a number of poetry prizes. Peer Poetry International published her first collection, Spectators' View (2002) and Margaret herself has produced two 'chapbooks': Second Homing (2001) about Greece, and one of travel poems, Riding the Rainbow (2005). She has also given several readings in Athens.

Bosom Friends was commended in the 2005 Blinking Eye Poetry Competition.


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Bosom Friends © 2005 Margaret Eddershaw: used with permission.
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