Clare Wigzell

Words ice up the windscreen.
Door smacks; your long limbs follow
To your girlfriend's door. It's twilight.
I don't know you any more. The last
Birds finish their song. I shudder.
The darkness closes in around me.

We drive backwards together
Your sharp retorts are sucked back,
My questions, too direct for you,
Dissolve into hesitant air.
Our shoulders give, heart rates slow.
The late sun shines more strongly.

Summer returns. Your bedroom door
Unlocks, is left ajar, swings open.
You leave your friends to seek me out.
One evening, as I lift your brother
From the bath, your eyes hook mine,
We rhyme home-work couplets in steam.

The days start when you shout my name.
Shorter and curlier, you flicker like
Dappled light. First night away,
The page is blank; when you run to me
The pencil falls; we sit, breathe,
Feel each other's heart beat.

I suckle you on my folds of fat.
You pull at the milk ducts, eyes
Wide open, drinking me. In
The grey before dawn, I give up
Being at the centre of my life.
My womb already misses you.

Clare Wigzell

Clare says: "I have been writing short stories and poetry all my life for my own amusement but I am now putting more energy into developing my poetry for others. I have spent 10 years writing haiku and I have done the occasional performance; recently I have attended poetry evening courses and that has got me back into writing longer, more demanding poems

"This poem came out of an exercise given in my Poetry School course in Leeds and is based on Carol Ann Duffy's Premonition - a backwards poem about her mother's death. Benediction takes me back to the first feelings of love, and therefore heals me in some profound way."

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Benediction © 2012, Clare Wigzell: used with permission.
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