April in the Ha Ha

Caroline Kemp

April the cruellest
the trickster
Kein Scherz mein Schatz
Kein Schmerz
Mad March hares
Boxed up behind the wall
Beyond the ha ha
Heels overhead
Head over the stones
Nearly made it

An upside down of a another day. Misty all day..heavy mist night mysterioso. Looks like November. Rain jewel drops. Mist makes everything quiet, like snow all dreamy..love in a mist all around the trees. Mist drapes in branches.

I am dreaming of Virginia
The Ouse oozing
Peaceful mindless
The stones comforting heavy
The cloth

Caroline Kemp

Caroline Kemp is Scottish by birth, but has lived in the north east for her working life. She has written poetry for as long as she can remember - since primary. She has always loved words and their sounds and is unable to give them up.

She is currently involved in research at Northumbria University, and has had poems and articles published in various journals through this. Her poems have been featured in Lit & Phil pamphlets and various single poems published with Forward Press. Since retiring from full time teaching she has more time to devote to creative writing: she is presently working on her German grandmother's diary from August 1st, 1914. Translating the spidery writing is quite a challenge.

She says: "April in the Ha Ha arose from the challenge of writing a 'small stone' for every day of April and is part of 30 small fragments for the whole of that month. I want to publish the April sequence of poems and prose poem as one complete chap book. This April really tricked me with its November mists. April in the Ha Ha is partly about the path to the river Virginia Woolf took. I am half German, hence the German words and I liked playing with their rich sounds."

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April in the Ha Ha © 2014 Caroline Kemp: used with permission.
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