Getting Rid of the Aphids

Christy Ducker

Instead of a way out
she finds a sack.

It arrives at the greenhouse
each Thursday.

Once set down,
the sack fidgets

until she pulls open
its neck,
and pours out one kilo
of ladybirds.

For a moment,
she sees only

stunned treasure
hissing to a standstill.

But soon
the ladybirds fly

Hunting, they stud
the soft hurt
of tomato stems.

At night
they fall from her clothes,

even in darkness.

Christy Ducker

Christy Ducker is a poet, reviewer and editor. She has also taught creative writing since 1999. Publications include Mslexia, The Wolf, and Smoke. She is working towards a first collection of poems as part of her Creative Writing MA at Newcastle University.

She lives and works in Northumberland.

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Getting Rid of the Aphids © 2006 Christy Ducker: used with permission.
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