Jasmine Irving

Curiosity explodes within me, 'What will it look like?' I ask
'Whatever you want it to' my gut seems to answer,
I have no choice, it is here at last, I panic.

I want to run back into the arms of my mother, screaming
'No, let me stay with you forever, I don't want this!'
But it's a passing thought, I've been told it is normal,
So, I take the last step forward and come to a halt.
Now all I have to do is open my eyes, say a polite 'Hello'.

The future stares back at me, hand in hand with freedom,
"Right then, what do you want to do with us?"

Jasmine Irving

Jasmine has just finished studying French, art, drama and English literature at A-level. She's moving to Falmouth in September to do English with Creative Writing and says she can't wait to spend her days reading and writing by the seaside!

This summer she went on her first trip travelling to Morocco where she did some volunteer work and said it has really inspired her to see more of the world, sharing new experiences with people from all kinds of different cultures.

She's kept diaries since she was about ten, which she finds fun to read over and have helped her to develop her writing style. Jasmine says she's always wanted to be a writer 'for as long as I can remember'.

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Anticipation © 2011 Jasmine Irving: used with permission.
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