Hello and welcome to Hom the blog – written and posted by Ellen Phethean
Hom is an unpublished novel for teenagers about a 15 year old lad called Frankie from the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne, facing conflict with himself, his brother and his father.
It’s unusual in that it is written in poems but it uses dialogue, monologue and dialect and is meant to read like mini installments of a novel. I’ve published a teen novel like this before: Wall, Smokestack Books, 2007, and I’m currently at work on a prose novel for teenagers.

How to read it:
I will be posting poem blogs twice a week – Wednesdays and Saturdays – and to read them in order you will have to start with the oldest post and work forwards. The most recent will always be at the top. Your role is to read it and post comments if you would like to.

A flavour of the story:
When Frankie was seven, he was happy, playing in the streets of West End of Newcastle with his cousin Corinne.  One day his father finds him playing skippy, and beats him saying ‘Skipping’s not for lads’. Ever since, Frankie has striven to find ways to please him.
Dad, a garage mechanic with a strict catholic mother, Nan, and a mysterious absent father, favours Paddy, Frankie’s twin brother – Paddy’s everything Frankie’s not.
Frankie becomes an obsessive swimmer, he works hard at school, all in an attempt to win the approval that is shown to Paddy.
But Frankie also has his own demons to struggle with. He must uncover family secrets about his missing Grandfather, and all face uncomfortable truths, before the difficulties can be resolved.