Frank talks to Corinne about Becca

She says she fancies me

And Corinne says: She’s fit Frankie

slim, great arse, those tight tops

that show her belly pierce

Corinne winks,

Frank says:

She’s not a stupid giggler like some,

she’s got grey eyes

that look at you real cool.

Aye says Corinne,

And when she smiles, her nose wrinkles, she shows her teeth.

Corinne does a Becca impression:

Frankie, lots of lads would kill to go out wi her.

Frankie says: Some say they’ve shagged her.

Corinne says: They’re liars.

But she wants to go out wi me!

Frankie man, yer in – yer divvent have to marry her.

He despairs: She could have any lad. Why me?

Der! says Corinne. She fancies yer, divvy.

Don’t tell anyone, will yer?

Corinne just smacks her forehead, looks at the sky:

Everyone knaas who Becca fancies, man.

She’s top totty.

Aw fuck. Frank covers his face.

Corinne holds out her hand: Give us yer moby.

She’s texting quicker than a 100 metre sprint,

there’s a pause, his moby buzzes

Corinne looks at Frankie:


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