The Wave – Kath Conlan

We met on and off over the years.
At that time in my life, my work was just words . No matter who said they liked it .
When Julia asked if she could take my work home .  I was pleased . Nothing more .
She took the time to post it back to me with advice on where to send it to .
Coming from her, it was like warm gravy on a plate .   Still I did nothing . But the last line of her letter stayed with me, it was:  ‘ You must do something with Patsy. ‘
Fine words, I thought .     All I could see was kind words from a kind person.

So Patsy lay at home doing nothing,    because I did nothing.
We sort of met some months later across another crowded room.   Neither knowing the other would be there .
So many heads .    So many people.    But she waved over to me .  I thought at first she was waving  to someone else . She kept waving  only now she made sure I could see her .         Then a clearing in the crowd and we both waved and laughed .    Never got to speak . We didn’t know we would never see each other again.

That smile, that wave was all the push I needed .
I went home and put Patsy into an A 4 , and put him on a Plane to Dublin where he was born.
He is still delighting the readers of  Ireland’s  Eye.

The wave is gone
But I will remember you
long,   long .

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