Dancing the hokey cokey – Peter Annear

Who does she think she is?
No wonder there’s some flack
some unease
and indignation.
How can she make us whole
make us think,
make us change
when no-one asked her?
What right has she
to turn this stuff upside down,
us to remain level headed?
No; to expect us to know
we’re upside down and start from there.
So precious


I used her idea of “First Aid Kits for the mind” as part of a self-esteem project with young d/Deaf students. In this case we had empty boxes for the youngsters to post their thoughts, comments, advice, support, wishes, prayers, dreams and nightmares. That’s all I knew of her then and I wish I had known more.
Title and beyond triggered by reading Jackie Kay’s Guardian obituary 16/04/05

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