Later that night

they’re all watching TV
Dad, Paddy, Frankie, Mam and Corinne
100 Golden Comedy Moments
an old episode
of Are You Being Served –
Dad says: Lookit that puff.
I’m Free! he copies and makes little steps
waving his hand, Paddy laughs his head off
real loud, Mam says nowt.

Then Frank gets up:
Want a cuppa?  to Corinne
and she follows him into the kitchen.

Dyer want sugar?
He’s banging the teapot
and the teaspoons around:

I hate it when me dad does that.

It’s meant ter be funny, she says,

It doesn’t make me laugh.

He pours boiling water into two cups
his favourite spiderman cup
and one with flowers on
they don’t say anymore
and just take their tea
up to Frankie’s bedroom
and listen to Coldplay.

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