Frankie’s on The Revision Train

Every day the same routine:
get up, get off,
sit down, books out
bell goes, a break,
get up, get off,
sit down, books out.
His head is full of facts
and figures, lines of poems
buzz round and round.
The Saturday before exams begin
Corinne sends a text:
Up 4 a swim?

Frank’s still nervous
after the incident at Elswick
he says:
Saturday, the pool will be full
of floating bouncy castles
screaming kids.
They agree to go into town,
it’s quiet in the City Pool.
The high blue arches echo
as Corinne and Frank slip in.
Haway – do lengths.
I’ll race yer. And Corinne’s
away; Frank kicks off the tiled wall
and slices into front crawl, head down
three strokes, face up, breathe,
head down, three strokes,
like remembering a pattern
that’s inborn, he glides
along, swift and strong,
forgets the knots inside
his head – his body
doing what it knows best.

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