Frank was in Corinne’s gang

at Benwell Primary.
Paddy wouldn’t let them
play football in the yard at playtime.
It’s always been Corinne and Frankie against Paddy.
Paddy said: Girls can’t play footie
and Frankie plays like a girl.
Paddy had a dinosaur and Hot Rod Cars
in his half of the bedroom.
Frankie had beanie babies:
a robin, a polar bear and Monkey.
He couldn’t sleep without Monkey.
Paddy used to throw it
out the window
on top of the cupboard
anywhere Frank couldn’t reach
just to wind him up
to make him cry.

Paddy still likes to wind him up
he pushes Frank and says:
Bugger off Fanny
and laughs;
Fanny Adams
you’re good at sweet
Fanny Adams.

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