In his drug dream state

a memory comes floating in:
it was half term, Frankie was bored,
Mam sent him off to Dad’s garage
down a back lane
behind Netto.
It was dark inside the big wooden double doors
he remembers the oily floor, the pit
rubber tyres piled taller than him
cans of petrol, a car on a ramp
number plates, wrenches, tools
haphazard on metal shelves, workbenches.
No-one else around
but in the faint light fingering through
a grimy window
he saw Dad
looking into a small metal cupboard
he didn’t notice Frankie enter
or approach him
Hello Dad.
Dad jumped a mile high,
Frank briefly saw a pile of paper
envelopes or letters,
Dad locked the cupboard saying
over his shoulder
Way, son I wasn’t expecting yer
He turned back to face Frankie,
who thought he would be angry
but Dad smiled, put his arm around Frankie’s shoulder
steered him out into the bright sunshine
Fancy a bar of chocolate?

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