Gala Day

Bev gets pissed off when Frankie misses training
I need to know I can rely on the team
Frank says Promise I’ll be there
for the gala
but in his head he knows he won’t
as he lies in the bath, writing
on the steamy window.
Gala Day,
he leaves the house with his swimming gear
texting Corinne not to wait
I’ll be late,
but at the end of the street
he keeps walking
down the hill away from Jubilee Estate
past Elswick Park and Pool
down to the river;
the water’s high and brown
a gull cadges a ride
on a log floating downstream
He leans on the rails and watches it.
There’s a lone fisherman
sitting there – how does he do it?
What does it take
to wait so long with no hope?

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