Poem for Jesus – Caroline Kemp

Veronica bakes a cake for Jesus.
Mary washes his feet, with her hair,
with care.
He visits Martha’s house,
for a little while…..
On the whole, however, I think he is happier with the boys,
his apostles.
They stick together.
Man’s talk
Wander about
impressing everyone
with their earnestness
and vision –
larging it,
putting it about,
rounds in for everyone.
Wine and fish suppers.

We are all impressed
Same as it ever was
The wonder of man
Men behaving goodly

I won’t say
Look where that got him..
another happy ending.


The following poem is one I read out to Julia…with a little trepidation ..over 20 years ago..she was doing a reading of her own poems in Gateshead library and battling amazingly with her own health.
I had my own health issues too and was highly inspired by all her hospital poems..I still intend to do a similar collection as I admired her work so much and saw how much it affected others.
Julia loved my poem and it always gives me strength to think back on that moment when she gave me positive feedback and encouragement…every time now when my internal critic swoops in I think of her and that gift she gave to everyone..such a spirit.
She helped me believe in myself.

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At the Children’s Home – Sky Hawkins

Karl said, let’s go and pinch clothes off the washing lines
Laughing I was like, yer right; sounds great!
Of course I went along
You got to be part of it, or you’re out of it

So we went skipping through streets in the winter’s dark
Ducking, diving, grabbing, laughing
Trying to find family’s clothes to replace the ones we didn’t have
We jumped over fences sneaked round corners
Laughed our hearts out when we saw Karl appear with a sheep skin rug
We were like, what the fuck do you want with that?

It didn’t matter
We just wanted to grab anything
Fill the empty fucking hole

The cupboard for supper time wasn’t open for a good few hours yet
So like a tornado we twisted around in a swirl
of stolen clothes

It was fantastic

For one night we didn’t give a fuck
Laughed, dived, ducked
Scuffed out the chalked lines of abuse
that were often scrawled on the pavement
Funny you would think I would remember what they wrote exactly,
but I don’t

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