Julia – Kitty Fitzgerald

That fresh-faced grin
wide as her earlobes,
the passion for words,
their shape in her mouth;
everything she was
and knew still survives,
all that and her laughter,
hard to forget.

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For Diana – Annie Moir

If you could teleport me to be with you
For just one hour each day
Together we’d make sticklebacks grin

We’d take your pail
Brim full with wild dreams
And the spade that I’d grind in the earth
Damming all absurd streams of convention
Make the river of choice flow our way

We’d weave brown tadpoles tales
Dressed as frogs
Through the fishing nets of our youth
And stitch a brand new political landscape
With our names scattered on golden pools

So just teleport me to be with you
Or you to be with me
Together we’ll make natterjacks sing


I was part of a writing group Julia was running at Gateshead library in 1994 – I think our performance group (ie the people who attended on a Thursday morning)’s title was Future Tense.
Julia dragged us all kicking and screaming onto the stage at The Caedman Hall inside the library for this prestigious performance. The following event was even scarier as we supported U.A. Fanthorpe.
Both Wendy Cope and U.A. Fanthorpe were really kind to us all!!

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