Goodbye Diamond Twig

The time has come for Diamond Twig Press to close down for good.

Ellen writes: we haven't published anything for a number of years, apart from a poem of the month on this website. Stocks are dwindling and no money is coming in, so it's not worth the running costs to keep the website up.

So this is your last chance to buy Diamond Twig books direct from the publisher, most of them at much reduced prices. You can pay by either cheque or credit card. Our credit card payments are processed by PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to pay this way.

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We will be hosting a Goodbye Diamond Twig Party at The Lit and Phil Library, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, on Wednesday 5th December 7.00 - 9.00pm with readings from some of the published poets, and a chance to reminisce and celebrate - and books may be available there, too - but stocks are low (and some titles are already sold out).

The Ropes

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The Ropes; poems
to hold on to
£1.00 ISBN 978-0-9539196-7-3
Sophie Hannah and John Hegley (editors) 2008


All current Diamond Twig publications are in the Branchlines series, and are handy pocket sized (A6 - 105mm x 148mm) books which are their authors' first collections. The series editors are Julia Darling and Ellen Phethean.

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Inviolate50p ISBN 978-0-9539196-8-0 Sara Park 2011
A Kind of MinkHeather Young - SOLD OUT  
white lies are harmless50p ISBN 978-0-9548186-0-9 - Jeanne Macdonald 2004
The Sugar Factory Ann O'Neill - SOLD OUT  
The Potting Shed Monica Cheale - SOLD OUT  
Palimpsest Rima Handley - SOLD OUT  
Even The Ants Have Names 50p ISBN 978-0-9539196-3-5
A new anthology of short stories by Linda Leatherbarrow, Mary Lowe, Janine Langley McCann, Susannah Rickards and Betty Weiner. Guest Editor - Gerry Wardle. 2002
Colours/Colors50p ISBN 978-0-9539196-1-1 - Angela Readman 2001
Postcard from a Waterless Lake Lisa Matthews - SOLD OUT  
Sex & Death50p ISBN 978-0-9520090-9-2 - Kathleen Kenny 2000
Glass Tales50p ISBN 978-0-9520090-8-5 - Marlynn Rosario 2000
195650p ISBN 978-0-9539196-0-4 - Margaret Wilkinson 2000
BRANCHLINES FICTION50p ISBN 978-0-9520090-6-1
3 new stories in one volume   
Marion Husband, Sheila Mulhern, Jane Wood 1999
Glee with a Blue Background50p ISBN 978-0-9520090-4-7 - Liz Atkin 1999
What You WantJoan Johnston - SOLD OUT
Lip Reading50p ISBN 978-0-9520090-7-8 - Fiona Ritchie Walker 1999
Broken Biscuits50p ISBN 978-0-9520090-2-3 - June Portlock 1997 SOLD OUT
Waltzing off from Hand-Me-Downs50p ISBN 978-0-9520090-1-6 - Sylvia Forrest 1997

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Modern Goddess £1.00 ISBN 978-0-9520090-0-9
Diamond Twig Press 1992 - virgin collection by the Poetry Virgins, the popular performance poetry group.
"Women not afraid to open their big mouths, break taboos, stand up and be wise and foolish" Linda France
Sauce £1.00 ISBN 978-1-85224-316-6
Bloodaxe Books and Diamond Twig 1994 - The Poetry Virgins second collection, edited by Linda France, with a foreword by UA Fanthorpe.
Love Poems Postcards a set of eight in typically irreverent Poetry Virgins style.
  50p a set of eight poems (say how many sets you want)
  10p each (say how many cards you want and list which ones on a separate sheet of paper)
International Women's Day Postcardssix poems on postcards by North East Women, printed for the Amnesty International Campaign in March 1996.
  50p a set of six poems (say how many sets you want)
  10p each (say how many cards you want and list which ones on a separate sheet of paper)

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