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The cover of Waltzng off from Hand-Me-Downs

Waltzing off from Hand-Me-Downs by Sylvia Forrest,
ISBN 978-0-9520090-1-6


Would you like a cup of milk?
Would you like a plate of whelks?

Would you like
a half a pound of tripe?

Would you like to share my life?

These dozen jellied eels
will tell you how I feel.

With pig's trotters I'd fill a truck.

Why won't you have me back?

"Sylvia's poems reveal quirky imagination and unique experience"


Sylvia Forrest

Sylvia Forrest

...was born in South Shields in 1932. She left school at 14 to be a housemaid then cook with a shipbuilding family, in a pleasant secluded house in Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. After eight years there she worked on an add-listing machine in the Civil Service and lived in a hostel with civil servants from all over the country, then with students in Jesmond. She met her future husband while sailing with the WRNVR, got married, moved to Sunderland and had two children. Later she worked in a fruit and veg shop, then taught flower arranging to YTS students, left, signed on and was drafted into a year's media training.

Sylvia began writing in her mid-fifties and is still writing.

What Sylvia did next...

"Mine was one of the first pair of Branchlines published in 1997. My poem, The Fish Shop Person from Waltzing off... then appeared on Newcastle's metro system and was later featured in a North Shields Fish Quay Festival publication. Since being published I've done some readings, including one in a tent at a Kite Festival in Washington. Latterly I've become a member of First Thursday who read to various groups in and around Newcastle. We have an anthology, Poets Like Us.

"I've continued taking part in various, usually library connected, creative wring projects, sending the odd poem off and attending the brilliant Writing From The Inside Out (now part of the University of Sunderland).

"As a member of a Writers Group at Sunderland Library and Arts Centre, I've edited and desktop published two collections of writing by Tuesday Writers: Beyond the Winter Garden, a millennium view of Sunderland Town and City illustrated in full colour and Sunderland and beyond, with black and white illustrations. I've also self-published Flower Power, a collection of my poetry and prose about Sunderland.

"I don't keep sending off poems but I am happy to say had poems in two editions of Other Poetry. Have got in the last fifty in at least one competition in Mslexia. I was also published in the first issue of Kevin Cadwallender's