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Cover of The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed by Monica Cheale,
ISBN 978-0-9539196-6-6

For Sebastian

I hear North Country voices in a teashop
talking trusts and wills.

I can leave you none
but some day,
in Cilurnum
place of the cauldron
north of the Tyne
when last year's ash keys are unlocking spring
and you will hear a voice of mine.


Monica Cheale

Monica Cheale

Monica Cheale has written poetry for a number of years. In connection with Poetry Monash (Monash University, Australia), she published a small collection The Land of Green Ginger, in 1985. During the 1980s she had poems published in Poetry Monash, also in Ammonite and Period Piece (Editor John Howard Greaves, (Vigil Publications).

She has recently had a number of poems and a review published in About Larkin, the Journal of the Philip Larkin Society, Dept of English, Hull University. She is retired and lives in North Tyneside with four cats.

Her poem Captain's Landfall appears in the Franks Casket webzine.

Her book The Potting Shed was launched on October 30th 2003, along with Rima Handley's Palimpsest, at the Playhouse Foyer, Newcastle, where this photograph was taken.