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Cover of palimpsest

Palimpsest by Rima Handley,
ISBN 978-0-9539196-5-9

The Search

(from the Gaelic)

You are folded up
among waves greater than wings
it is cold here

Created from breath
three wraiths of the wind
shaped your form

I searched for you
amid the rumour of rocks
while guillemots dipped their heads beneath the waves

We can never know
what Fate intends
but the choice will be just


Rima Handley

Rima Handley

Rima Handley lives in the Northumberland countryside. She has been a lecturer in medieval language and literature and a homeopath, and is now a psychotherapist trying to write poetry. She has published articles on medieval manuscripts, books and poems about homeopathy, and had one poem published in the The Piano on Fire, an anthology of poetry prizes (The New Writer, 1999).

Her book Palimpsest was launched on October 30th 2003 along with Monica Cheale's The Potting Shed at the Playhouse Foyer, Newcastle, where this photograph was taken.