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The cover of 'A Kind of Mink'

A Kind of Mink by Heather Young,
ISBN 978-0-9548186-1-6

For my daughter, aged 40

our umbilical cord

yours because you tugged
at my placenta
compelling me
to hear your voice
before you mewed
and while the midwife dithered
you tied me in knots
I can't escape from

nor ever would

"Heather Young is a lively, fresh Northern voice; here are vivid poems about ordinary life that are bright, memorable and accessible. Anyone who has had a life will know these poems!

Jackie Kay

This book, along with Jeanne Macdonald's white lies are harmless, was launched in a highly successful event at Durham Literature Festival on 27 September 2004.


Heather Young

Heather Young

"I am excited about Diamond Twig. Many of the poems were written during Newcastle University's MA in Writing Poetry. The editors Julia Darling and Ellen Phethean have inspired me over the years during their workshops; as has Linda France.

"I began writing in 1989, after many years of attending readings at Newcastle's famous Morden Tower, where, unbelievably, I read recently. Other venues include the Baltic Arts Centre and Northumberland's Historic Dilston Castle. Last International Women's Day, I read at a celebration organized by Diamond Twig and Mslexia. It was great fun.

"Reading a poem last year on Radio 4's Word on the Street, hosted by Jackie Kay, was also a privilege. I was as nervous, then, as I was ten years ago while presenting a prize-winning poem on Radio Newcastle."

Heather was born in north-west Durham, and is now Northumberland based. She is a retired Community Nurse for Learning Disabilities. Her poems and stories are widely published to include Other Poetry, Orbis, Mslexia, Iota and Sand. Her collection Unholy Trinity ( with Angel Readman and Vali Stanley ) was published by Iron Press in 2002.