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Cover of Glee with a Blue Background

Glee with a Blue Background by Liz Atkin,
ISBN 978-0-9520090-4-7

They were sitting in a rockpool,
the large white breasts
of the topless male at first
misleading, the other fully
clothed with cosy woolly hat.

Both sat up to their waists
smacking and scooping water
in the seaside shine,
their faces oozing a giggling glee
that crystallised around
their fisheye gurgles and moments
of gentle hair washing.

from Glee with a Blue Background

"Uncompromisingly urban, Liz's poems get under the skin and gaze at the tender mess below."


Liz Atkin

What Liz did next:

"After Glee With a Blue Background I worked on a second collection, The Biscuit Tins of England, published by Iron Press. A third collection, Imitation Life, inspired by Oskar Kokoschka's Alma Doll has extended itself to over 100 poems as I am unable to leave it alone at the moment!

"Since Glee With a Blue Background I have had poems published in a wide range of magazines regularly and have emerged from my solitary writing existence and the allotment to do the odd reading at the Blue Room.

*  *  *

Liz Atkin died in April 2018. For more biographical information, see Diamond Twig's poem of the month for August 2018, Yee Hah! published in her memory.