Frankie gets a summer job

serving in The Singing Hinny
on Adelaide Terrace – not lattes
and Americanos but Horlicks
and strong Yorkshire tea to OAPs
with bacon stotties and scones.
Paddy’s helping Dad at the garage.
The weather’s warm. It’s calm
at home, for the moment.
One night at the Youth Group
Frankie tells Derek about Grandad
his suspicions, the mystery
about his disappearance.
Mebbes he’s dead, but
I’d love ter find out.
What about that man
you met at the funeral
who said he knew your Nana?
But I divvent kna where he lives.
Look in the phone book.
Haway, Derek man,
there’ll be millions
of Robert Armstrongs.
It’s a start.
Aye. Mebbes.
Then Derek looks serious,
But Frankie, maybe you ought
to think about coming out
to your Mam and Dad.
Deal with the present
before you go raking up the past.

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