What’s he like?

asks Corinne,
Frank is sitting across the table
at a coffee bar in town,
Well, Frank fiddles with his spoon
He’s older than me, at college.
He’s from Spain originally
Aye? How’de end up here?
His Dad’s an engineer, worked
on the car Ferries, Santander
Bay of Biscay ter Plymouth.
They moved here cos
his Dad’s on the Nordic run now,
gans across ter Norway.
His real name’s Powlo.
Powlo? Not Paul then?
Neebody calls him Powlo.
He smells – foreign.
What – stinky?
Nah, sorta nice – like a mixture –
garlic sausage and body lotion.
An sometimes he calls me Francisco.
Corinne laughs:
What are ye like!

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