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29 October 2018 Entry: "Day of the Dead"

Well, if you were waiting for more information - sorry! Iíve just realised I havenít written anything in the diary since August, Iíve been quite busy (but thatís no excuse).

Itís now nearly the end of October, weíve had hail and low temperatures, the clocks have gone back and itís nearly the Day of the Dead: an appropriate time to talk about endings.

I had a stall at the Star Bazaar at Star and Shadow, Warwick Street, Heaton, Newcastle on Saturday 27th October and made £41- when you consider I was selling books for 10p and 50p, that was quite a lot of books: 278 in total. But the whole point was to get rid of them, not make a huge profit.

I also sold my own books and Juliaís new short story collection Pearl at more realistic prices.

It was wonderful how supporters of the press and Diamond Twig poets kept popping in to say hello, and buy books. I still have books left, although some titles have now sold out. Iím having a goodbye Diamond Twig party at the Lit and Phil on Wednesday 5th December and will bring along some books to that, and I might consider doing the Star Bazaar again on 8th December if I still have books to sell, so watch out for news of this on Facebook.
I have mountains of postcards tooÖ

All the messages of support and thanks for the work of the press over the years is very gratifying and it is sad that it has to end, but it seems the right thing to do.

Iím still planning a new site, but not sorted yet, but will let people know when Iím ready to move on from this website.

For the moment, Iíll leave you with a quote from my poem Julia Darling is Frida Kahlo:

On the Dia de Muertos, kitchen table
an altar, weíll bring your favourite foods:
soup and bread, red wine, roll-ups,

sugar skulls and marigolds.

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