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19 May 2018 Entry: "Sunshine, Star and Shadow"

The Late Shows, when galleries, museums and venues are open late and free, in mid May always bring a sense of excitement to the streets as families, young and old wander around seeking and enjoying new experiences and this year we had warmth and long evening sunshine - at last!
My companion grumbled about the glow sticks handed out - ‘more plastic to throw in a bin at the end of the evening’, and she’s right; perhaps we need a more eco-friendly light to guide us and show we ‘belong’.
Down in the Ouseburn valley Lime street was busy with a pop-up choir and creative things to do. I didn’t stay long but made a point of visiting the newly opened Star and Shadow cinema and creative space. It’s amazing what dedicated volunteers have done to transform this old carpet warehouse into a multifunctional building with cinema, bar and cafe, workshops and performance area - I briefly caught Chilli Road band giving it some. And I joined for £1 - not a lot you can get for that these days.
And on Sunday the Star and Shadow are hosting this year’s Julia Darling Travel Award ceremony - where we will hear from last year’s winner who went to America and learn who has won the award this year. I think there’s going to be a film screening of Orlando as well. All just down the road from where I live!
Anyone can get involved in the Star and Shadow - it’s got a FB page and is happy to receive any help on offer. You can’t miss the big building on Warwick street in Heaton. It’s the sort of project that gives hope and optimism for the future. Like the sunshine.

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