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21 October 2017 Entry: "Walls and Bridges project"

During the summer I appeared as an extra in my friend Tessa Greenís TV pilot. You may not know her but you probably know her work as she designed the cover for Ren and the Blue Hands. Sheís a painter and writer who is now also working in film, tv and audio visual art.
The Decision (the pilot episode of a six-part TV drama) is timely, putting the lives of women, particulary older women, centre stage. Iíve watched the work develop from the very first reading last year and think its exactly the kind of TV we need and itís a bonus that itís made in the north east with a local cast and crew.
It has a great cast (including Charlie Hardwick) and explores lots of issues facing women in the north-east post Brexit.
Tessa has launched a Kickstarter campaign which is due to expire on Friday 27 Ė if it doesnít reach its target by then, they will get nothing. These are the links:

Walls and Bridges: The Decision
As a judge, wife and friend, Chrissie has three decisions to make: one legal, one personal and one that may be both.



Please consider supporting this excellent project - I would love to see it come to fruition. We need more TV like this.

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