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16 February 2007 Entry: "Why does it all happen at once?"

Like a child at a birthday party, I think I’m going to be sick with excitement.
There’s going to be the launch of my book ‘Wall’ with Smokestack, held at Seven Stories, Centre for the Children’s Book in the Ouseburn Valley, on Friday 2nd March 4 - 6pm in the Attic. There’ll be drinks and readings, and, I hope, a wall to write on.
But for the three days beforehand, a new play of mine ‘Marsden Rock’ will be performed by Newcastle Union Theatre Society, at The Black Swan, in Newcastle Arts Centre: three short plays every night, starting at 7pm on Tues. 27th Feb, Wed 28th and Thurs. 1st March. Mine’s the second of the three. I do hope people will go and give me feedback.
One of the starting points for the play was my own visit to the theatre years ago. There were five male characters, the play involved violence, nudity, sex, swearing and blood. And no-one, but no-one, said:
‘Oh well, obviously this is Men’s Drama’ as they would have said if it had been 5 women performers, whatever the play.
So I set myself a challenge - if this is what theatres want, then how can I write a play that includes these ingredients but all from a very different, women’s, perspective ? Marsden Rock was the result. It has humour and it will be engaging despite what I’ve just said about it. Doors open 6.30, each play lasts about 45 minute with a short break in between each one.

Why it all happens at once, I don’t know, but there we are. I should be thankful that anything is reaching the public.

I’ve spent today typing letters to poets commissioning new poems for the youth anthology The Ropes. Fingers crossed that people feel enthused and want to write for it. We now have the female guest editor, Sophie Hannah. So there are a lot of good things going for this book.

Now, I’ve got to write a bit about Wall for the website and try and get some of the original people involved in the writing of it along to do some of the reading. See you there?

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